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Genealogy of Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire families

Mercianotes specialises in the genealogy of people who lived in the English counties Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire - part of the ancient kingdom of Mercia.   

Nancy Lindop’s Notes

The Genealogy of Midland folk

Mercianotes provides a platform  for the publication of the research of the late Nancy Lindop, who researched genealogy and local history for half a century. This website is inspired by her own private library.

County Shelves

On the county shelves can be found books on many families who lived in specific towns and villages based on Nancy’s collection of directories and parish registers.

Genealogy Shelf

Nancy’s hand written notes have been transcribed into book form by her son, Geoffrey. Many families have been researched with strong connections with Shropshire, Staffordshire or Cheshire but like most families have moved to, (or moved from), areas outside this geographical area, which comproses part of the old kingdom of Mercia.

The Mercianotes Library

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12 April 2016.

People who Lived in Bilston now available direct from the publisher.

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